What is the COC Mentoring Program?

The COC Mentoring Program is an initiative designed to provide schools with a research-based framework for teaching and supporting positive behavior for all students through the implementation of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Africa.

The COC Mentoring Program approach is a research-based approach to teaching that offers schools practical strategies for bringing together social and academic learning throughout the school day. The COC Mentoring Program’s teaching practices and strategies are designed to achieve many of the goals of PBIS Africa. Schools can use the COC Mentoring Program approach to implement high-quality PBIS Africa.

What Is PBIS Africa?

PBIS Africa is a curriculum, program, and implementation framework for providing a broad range of systemic and individualized strategies for achieving important academic and behavior outcomes while preventing problem behavior.

The premise of both PBIS Africa and the COC Mentoring Program approach is that continual teaching, modeling, and reinforcing of positive behavior will support students’ positive behaviors, reduce discipline problems, and promote a climate of greater productivity, safety, and learning.

COC Mentoring Program practices are aligned with PBIS Africa’s three-tiered framework.

The COC Mentoring Program’s evidence-based practices are guided by the Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Africa three-tiered framework that begins by establishing a “universal”, school-wide approach to defining, teaching, and acknowledging learner behavioral expectations. As part of this process a predictable continuum of consequences for challenging behaviors is established, and a formal system for collecting and using data for decision-making is developed. The universal practices serve as a foundation that makes the “secondary prevention” (targeted), and “tertiary prevention” (intensive individual) tiers of the prevention model more effective.

How can educators learn more about the COC Mentoring Program approach?

A wide range of services and resources are available to help schools implement the COC Mentoring Program approach to PBIS Africa:

3 hour introductory talk

1 day workshops

1 ½ day professional teacher development

3 hour parent talks

Parent and family consultations

Week-long trainings at your school or at advertised sites around the country

Follow-up workshops and on-site consultations

Workbooks, assessment tools, sample lesson plans, and PBIS Africa toolkits

Development of teacher, learner, and parent/guardian leaders at your school to support implementation at school and home